The Barrett Brothers



This, their third studio release, takes the brothers' sound in a new direction.
Whilst the previous two albums contain many jazz standards, such as Night and Day and Out of Nowhere, this is their first fully original album - although they still love arranging, and playing, the old favourites live.

"The Barrett Brothers" draws inspiration from a lifelong appreciation of music: from the Hot Club swing of Django Reinhardt and the cool jazz of Miles Davis, to the beautiful harmonies of Thelonious Monk and the hard bop of John Coltrane.

The brothers are also releasing the album in digital format for the first time.

                                              The Barrett Brothers - The Barrett Brothers

Clear-Cut Stomp - A thunderous opener, a full-stomping swing celebration.

Crystal Blue Sky - A Bossa with a playful warmth and mesmeric bounce.

False Light Wrecking - A dark, sinister number that moves through a bleak, raw opening into a haunting, Rag Time-esque jaunt.

Netsuke Stories - The chirpy opening riff introduces one of the most evocative, tender melodies of the album.

Barretts' Bolero - Imaginatively titled, this is the brothers' take on the famous rhythm.  A lively, rousing track - one for all the kitchen dancers.

Sunny Mornings - An ode to the start of a beautiful day.  Bright, spaciously lyrical and very positive.

Amber - Another joyous song with a twisting and turning melody, illuminating a light A section against a darker B section.

If It's Good To Ya It's Good For Ya! - As the title suggests, this song may just be good for you.  A boisterous riot of a blues.

Let's Call It A Draw - A stirring waltz in the beginning; by the end, a pulsating menace.