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The Barrett Brothers


Inspired by the music of Django Reinhardt, The Barrett Brothers bring you their own energetic and infectious take on Gypsy Jazz. They tackle the intricacies of the genre’s jaw dropping techniques and pace with apparent ease, leaving their audiences spellbound: it’s one thing to hear them, it’s quite another to watch.



Their repertoire spans from a wealth of Reinhardt greats including Nuàge, Minor Swing and Dark Eyes (think Johnny Depp in the film ‘Chocolat’) to Dave Brubeck’s Blue Rhonda á la Turk and Paul Desmond’s Take 5. Alongside original compositions, such as the Latin Bossa Nova Millie Bug, works by J.S. Bach and The Beatles  are also given a Gypsy twist.



Being an instrumental outfit you can choose to sit back, relax and enjoy the brothers perform or get up and dance to the lively, toe-tapping rhythms of Bebop, Swing, Latin, Waltz and Tango infused Jazz.



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